The Baccarat Betting Rules

The betting rules in American Baccarat are quite simple. Since American baccarat players do not actually handle the cards or make any decisions in playing the hand whatsoever, this is the only major decision they have to do.

Betting, in general, is pretty simple. American baccarat players or betters just need to put their chips in the appropriate betting area. In American baccarat, the betting areas are located at the edge of the table just above the player's seat number. The closest to the player is the betting area for the player's hand; the mid-way would be the betting area for the banker's hand and the farthest from the player or better is a wager for a tie.

It is important to note that each American baccarat table has a minimum wager and maximum wager. Players of American baccarat can only wager an amount that falls I between the specified minimum and maximum.

To bet for the player's hand the baccarat player simply places his chips in the area designated as the betting area for the player's hand. American baccarat players win the bet if, at the end of the round, the player's hand has a total value greater than the banker or the dealer's hand. After the player wins he is awarded only an even payoff, or the dealer merely awards him a double of his initial wager. It is said that the casino has only 1.29% house advantage in a player's bet. Note that in this win, the casino has no commission to collect from the winner.

To bet for the banker's hand, a baccarat player again simply puts his chips in the designated betting area. The baccarat player wins if the banker's hand wins over the player's hands. Again, this only happens if, at the end of the round, the banker's hand has a higher point total than the player's hand. In this case the baccarat player is awarded again with only even payoff. He also has to give back to the casino 5% of what he won as commission for the casino. This is given before he leaves the baccarat table and not after each round. In a banker's bet, the casino only has 1.01% house advantage. This ranks as one of the smallest house advantages there is.

If the baccarat player wishes to bet on a tie he merely needs to put his chips in the betting area for a tie. In American baccarat a tie happens when both the player's hand and the banker's hand have equal total points. In this case the casino has an 8 to 1 payoff without any commission. Other players that wagered on the banker's hand or the player's hand will get there original bets back without any commission from the casino. The house has an advantage of up to 15.75% in a tie bet

All commissions for the casino will be collected at the end of the American baccarat game before the player leaves the baccarat table.