Ms. Universe: Wanna Bet?

Gambling is not limited to games played in gambling houses like poker, blackjack or slot machines. It has a long history, and it is inevitable if people have learned to apply gambling in so many other ways.

One way of gambling is to bet on contests like the Miss Universe pageant. Miss Universe is the most sought-after beauty title in the whole world. It would not be surprising if it draws attention from gambling players.

Some gambling players bet on their favorite contestants, regardless of her chances of winning. Some others bet on the basis of the contestant's nationality. The more serious gambling players bet on who they think has the greatest chances of grabbing the title, based on the trends of the past winners, and based on who is the crowd favorite.

However, it is not only the title of Miss Universe that is bet upon. Gambling in events like this is more complicated as it seems.

Some gambling players may bet on who will make the finals, or who will get the special awards. Beauty pageants like this give away special awards like Miss Photogenic, Best in Swimsuit, and Best in Long Gown, among many others.

The stakes of such gambling activities may range from very cheap to very expensive. The cheaper stakes are the ones found at home gambling. Family members bet on their favorite contestants and see who among them will win. Usually, wagers in such gambling game are cheaper since it is played among family members. Sometimes, they even wage not money but tasks like dishwashing for the whole week or lawn mowing.

Sometimes, winning in such gambling activities is not all about the money. For some gambling players, bragging rights are enough. Imagine being able to tease your sister or cousin while he or she mows the lawn after his or her Ms. USA lost to your MS. India.

This is the best form of gambling for many people - when gambling is essentially fun. Perhaps, others have already forgotten the essence of gambling, that it is first and foremost a means of entertainment.

As the gambling becomes more serious, expect higher stakes. There is no official place on which you can bet on such events, so you have to carefully look for one.

Whatever the stakes are, if you lose, accept the consequences wholeheartedly. No one forced you to bet on Ms. China, it was your own decision. Be a good sport and pay up.