Living With The Drama

It is indeed an art of risking on uncertain odds determined by luck, in order to gain profit. Young and old alike are into placing bets but it merely depends on the degree to which kind of game they are into.

Some people are into gambling simply for the sheer fun of it. They find it so exciting-- the part where one is thinking whether he will win or lose, and would do more, eventually, as long as they gain profit, and all so done legally. Not only that, their skills at such games are also honed, mentally and emotionally.

Not all forms of gambling require money, though. For instance, TV Gameshows. It takes a whole lot of smarts, and of course, guts to make one appear onstage with a live audience and cameras to answer questions. And, if he's fortunate enough to get past the elimination round and get through the final round and make it for the jackpot prize, wow.

For those who were really focused, a brain is a weapon of choice.

'Life is a gamble, let's see what happens.'

In an entrepreneur's mind, business itself is a gamble. He likes to toss ideas and he has the ability to foresee the odds someday. Money on a roll, good connections and a location, can lead to a VERY nice profit in the end.

But not all are that lucky.

Yes, not all were fortunate enough to savor the luxury and joy it could bring.

Gambling, on the negative side, could be addictive, too.

Like drugs, the more it builds tolerance in a person's system, the more he gets so agitated. He wants more of it.

"I just NEED to get my money back!" seems to be the cry of the desperate.

There are a lot of things to consider in losing, but in a gambler's mind, he doesn't mind --- well, he has so much to give. It was as if there's no tomorrow for him; the thought of winning back their losses makes one so obsessed about it, and it doesn't really matter the important things he could lose someday.

Career. Friends. Even his family.

How could one have not acted upon the addiction? Who is it to blame, society, or just the person who, apparently, lost control in doing so?

Whatever the reason, or reasons may be, it is better to understand the pros and cons of gambling before starting. True, it has proven to be of help to countless poor folks who were in need and in turn are living a new life with a more positive attitude about the importance of money. However, to those who have gambled and lost, they now know the drama of gambling and wish they hadn't started.