General Rules in Lottery

General Rules in Lottery

Every national or state lottery provides its individual set of rules and they are usually included on their websites.


Six numbers from 1 to 49 are chosen including an additional ball. Hit all six numbers and you win the jackpot. The second highest prize is won if five numbers and the extra number match. Three, four or five numbers corresponds to smaller prizes.

Playing Lottery

At the onset, choose any six numbers on single lottery boards, tickets or play coupons. In some coupons, one or more set of numbers can be played. Tickets can likewise be purchased without filling out a play coupon. The computer terminal can select six random numbers.

Some tickets allow similar numbers to be played for several draws for a week or more. Just fill the correct slot accordingly. You will only get a single ticket, but your numbers will be qualified for the draw dates and amount of weeks chosen.

Bring your filled-out tickets or coupons to the merchant or lottery terminal. Your selections will be inputted in a Lottery Game ticket. Ensuring that the correct information is contained such as the numbers, the play days and dates and the duration of the ticket is your responsibility.

If applicable, you must also verify that the bar-coded serial number on the ticket is clear and that the "Void" box has not been tampered. Secure your ticket. It is a requirement to redeem your prize, as it is the only evidence that you have won. It is advisable that you affix your name and address on the back part of the ticket for safety purposes.

If the six numbers on your tickets match the six numbers hit in the draw then you win the jackpot. You may have to split the jackpot with other winners. Winning is also possible if three to five numbers from the six main numbers match. Be aware of the additional number because you will be entitled to the second highest prize if the five numbers and the bonus number wins.

Basic lottery game rules or regulations for popular Lotteries

The age restriction is from 16 -21 years and older to purchase a ticket and redeem prizes.

It is your responsibility to check your ticket before leaving the Merchant.

Stolen, unissued, damaged, illegal, corrupted or modified in any manner, faulty or insufficient is considered void. The Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

A Lotto/Lottery ticket can be forfeited when presented prior to the drawing to the seller where it was first bought. Multiple drawing ob wagers on similar numbers may be made ahead of time for all games. Ask the merchant for information.

Your name, address and contact number should be indicated at the back of your ticket that won prior to redeeming the prize.

All the tickets that won shall be verified by the Lottery.

Winning tickets count as bearer tools.

Redemption of prizes are typically valid from six months to one year from draw date.